$300 product x 3,300 sales = $1M

Learn how to create, launch and market a high-quality $300 digital product within 3 months.

With a lot of mistakes made and lessons learned, I've sold thousands of copies of a $199 e-book, over a hundred copies of an exclusive perks package, over $100k in sponsorship deals on my newsletter and hundreds of copies of $300 in-depth research reports - all of which I created and marketed myself while traveling around the world.

I'm not saying this to brag, but instead demonstrate the huge potential high-quality digital products have, especially for non-tech savvy people like myself, and is why in early 2016 I decided to build and market digital products full-time.

I genuinely believe creating high value/quality/priced digital products is the single best business model available for solopreneurs today.

Here's why:

⦾ No big initial investments or outside funding needed? Check.

⦾ Can create, market and sell from anywhere in the world? Check.

⦾ No physical goods/inventory to manage? Check.

⦾ Can leverage paid advertising due to large profit margins? Check.

⦾ Don't need a deep technical background? Check.

⦾ Can work alone? Check.

How do I create high-end digital products?

I'm constantly being asked how I find, test, launch and market digital products. How do I create so much value the products I create are worth hundreds of dollars instead of single or double digits?

How do I research good ideas? How do I test the market? How do I set everything up? How do I get customers? How do I improve conversions from site visits to customers? And most importantly, how do I focus on one goal for so long?

Product300 was created so I can go deep into the questions, and many more

Product300 is a community I setup that allows me to work with a small group of solopreneurs who want to create, launch and market high-end digital products.

We go deep into product, sales, marketing and strategy on a daily basis via our private Slack channel and monthly private webinar calls, and pride ourselves on helping each other succeed.

Here's what we go in-depth on:

⦾ Market research

Do people need the product you're about to build? Are they willing to pre-order? I'll show you how you can find out before you start building.

⦾ Product development

Once we know there's a market for your product, it's time to create so much value it warrants the $300 price tag. I'll show you how to make progress daily, stay focused, outsource areas you're not strong in and help make sure you're using the right tools for each job.

⦾ Branding

Who's your ideal customer? Where do they live? How old are they? Building client personas will help you make the right decisions with naming, design and product/personal branding.

⦾ Copy-writing

After building a great product, copy-writing is arguably the next most critical element for converting visitors into customers.

⦾ Outsourcing

No one is great at everything, hence at times it's critial to outsource different areas of product development, marketing and sales to experts.

⦾ Design

A polished design is critical for building trust and for converting. I'll help you understand what's needed and show you how to launch a design that compliments your product and is within your branding guidelines.

⦾ Logistics

Billing, hosting, product delivery - there's a lot of tools out there that we'll setup which will really help you streamline your business, saving you time to focus on more important areas.

⦾ Marketing

From content marketing to getting press to retargeting to sponsorships to leveraging Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin/Adwords/Bing paid ad networks - there's a never ending stream of different marketing channels to test and leverage.

⦾ Sales

Closing deals with cold and warm leads is what separates good product businesses to GREAT product businesses. We'll be covering the power of the follow-up, funnels, conversion optimisation, split testing, analytics, upselling and more.

Do you want to learn how to create and market a great digital product?

There are many different elements that go into creating and marketing a great digital product, but with the right team and community around you, it gets so much easier.

That's what makes Product300 special (even if I do say so myself), everyone in the community is focused on the same outcome; creating products users love and generating great revenue that allows us to continue building great products (no matter where we are in the world).

Want to be a part of our community?

Here's what's included when you join Product300:

⦾ A one-on-one 1 hour private call with myself to brain-storm product and strategy (worth $1,000).

⦾ Access to the monthly members-only webinar where we go deep into one subject or have guest speakers on (our last guest speaker was Jon Russel from TechCrunch teaching members how to get free press).

⦾ Access to the private Slack group where you'll find a great community of like-minded product builders wanting each other to succeed with building great digital products and going on to test, optimize and scale sales channels.

⦾ A free FoundersGrid link sponsorship (worth $250) when you have launched your product for exposure (and hopefully your first batch of customers).

Join Product300

There are only 4 spaces available, offered on a first come, first serve basis.

The membership fee for joining is $300 per year (how could I price this any differently? 😜) and you can always cancel at anytime.

➟ Let's do this!

Have any questions? Send me an email and I'll respond as soon as I can.

About Me

Chris Osborne
⦾ Besides creating and selling high-end digital products, I created and update one of the largest newsletters in tech.
⦾ I started working remotely before working remotely was cool (11 years ago) and continue to work while traveling full-time - now with a family in tow.
⦾ Outside of work I like to bond with my son, travel, eat, walk, cook, read and when I have the time, play poker.
⦾ You can find out more about me on my personal blog and can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.